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  • Tradeasy is India’s fastest growing advisory platform. For the investor & intraday trader.
  • We believe trend is your friend and thus trade with trend. Our main focus is to identify the trend of the market and individual stocks so that we are able to be in profitable trades.
  • We are consistently giving more than 80% accuracy in their EQUITY & COMMODITY trading tips.
  • We have identified the secret of trading and there by improved ourselves so as to deliver the maximum possible results and make our client earn form our knowledge and expertise.

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Tradeasy is a wonderful Trading Platform for Intraday Trade. When our call is activated it will be only valid for 3 hrs. Mostly do your trade in this hours and exit it.

Habit of highly successful trader

  • Take complete responsibility
  • For the successful trader knows every action he takes.
  • Every decision he makes he, and only he, is responsible for that action.
  • You will never meet a successful trader who is looking to blame someone else, or something else for the consequences of his results.
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